Welcome To Liftedf150.com

by Admin May 13th, 2011

Welcome to LiftedF150.com!!

We are working to become the best Ford 4×4 community on the Internet.  LiftedF150.com will have some feature to allow member participation while keeping thing more organized than your traditional forum.  Instead of trying to wade through countless forum topics with two word answers we are working to provide complete Ford truck repair walk throughs.

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-Ability to upload a profile of your lifted ford (or non lifted ford truck) to the site yourself!

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That’s right, we need you!  We need you to sign up for a free membership and share your opinion.  Features and content will be added to the site based on your suggestions.  Leave us a comment below to share your vision of what is needed for a ford truck community.

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1995 Ford F150 Fuel Pump Replacement

by Admin April 16th, 2012

And we are working on the same 1995 Ford F150 again! The truck came stock with two tanks, the one in the rear has always leaked which is common, and the fuel pump went out on the front tank.  We decided to go with replacing the fuel pump in the front tank.  It sounded like an easy enough project and it’d be done in a few hours… yeah not quite.  This truck has some serious Michigan rust and someone decided to take it through the mud the night before :(

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1994 F150 Strut Tower Replacement

by Admin April 13th, 2012

F150 Strut Tower Replacement

F150 Shock tower repair

F150 Rusted Strut Tower

Well The same 1994 F150 we replaced the Radius Arm Bushing on a few months ago finally fell victim to the Michigan rust cancer again.  This time the Strut tower broke on the drivers side.  The passenger side isn’t much better, but since it is my younger brothers truck with a limited budget, we will just do one side for now.

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How to replace 1997 f150 heater core

by Admin December 21st, 2011

1997 f150 heater core replacement

If you have had your 1997 f150 any length of time you have probably heard about the heater cores.  Some people that have had to go through the pain of replacing their heater core multiple times because of low grade replacement parts.

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Ford Radius Arm Bushing Replacement

by Admin December 6th, 2011

Ford F150 Radius Arm Bushing Replacement

The Situation
My brothers 1994 Ford F150 4×4 5.8L had a horrible thump coming from the drivers side floorboard area.  After a visual inspection we found the ford radius arm bushing didn’t hardly exist anymore.  So whenever he hit a bump the radius arm was flopping around in the bracket that connects to the frame.

After a visual check it appeared that the radius arm bracket that holds the radius arm to the frame could be removed and the bushing replaced.  The other option would be to unhook the front of the radius arm so it could be pulled out of the bracket.  Since that involved removing shocks and spring retainers we decided to go with just removing the mount on the frame.

You can’t go wrong with a Moog Replacement

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Where to find Ford Lifted F150 for sale or where to find online Ford F150 for sale?

by Admin November 9th, 2011

Ford Lifted F150 is one of the most successful lifted vehicles in Georgia, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, California and Arizona. Liftedf150.com receive hundreds of queries about where to find Ford F150 for sale, therefore we are providing you various resources to find most authenticated sources to find your Ford Lifted F150 for sale in your state.

F150 is one of the most successful vehicles and is in very high demand. We have determined various online resources which can help you in finding premium F150 for sale

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F150 Cab removal

by Admin November 2nd, 2011

I came across a cool article on how to remove the body from a 97-03 f150.  In their example they used a Expedition, but do mention an f150.  I happen to have a spare body for my lifted f150 and dream of some day swapping the rust free body onto the old Michigan rust box

I don’t have a lift and would probably want to keep my interior, so it would be an even bigger project…. ehh maybe some day.  Anyhow in case you’d like to read through it.

Below is an example of how Bill at a Tampa garage did this procedure for the first time. One of the funniest things was to see people walk by, with “Double Takes.” Note that if dealing with a blown out spark plug, there is a repair kit available that can be used in the vehicle, without the need to remove the head. On air suspension equipped Expeditions and Navigators, disconnect the two air lines before lifting the body. Also if the Expedition or Navigator has a backup alarm feature, don’t forget to disconnect the electrical connector for that too.
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F150 No Power Windows Power Locks Interior Lights

by Admin November 1st, 2011

F150 No Power Windows Power Locks

Recently in my 1997 Ford F150 my power windows, power locks, power mirrors, and dome light all stopped working intermittently.  Within a few weeks the issue quickly became that they all stopped working.  For the most part there was no power in the cab, the dash gauges worked, but that was about it.  Drivabilty was not impacted, but needless to say this was a major issue.

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Ford Explorer Rear Coil Spring Replacement

by Admin October 27th, 2011

Changing rear struts and springs on a 2002 – 2005 Ford Explorer

The Situation

A common issue with the 2002 – 2005 Ford Explorer is that the rear coil springs tend to break over time.  On our explorer both rear springs were broken in multiple locations.  Because of the age of our 2002 Ford Explorer (150k) it was past time to replace the rear struts while it was apart.  If you decide to go with struts and springs that you assemble yourself I’d add some time  to the overall job.  In that case you will need a spring compressor and some patience.

Since I’m not a mechanic by day and just an occasional wrench this job took me a lot longer than I’d like to admit.  I’m hoping that with the information I prove you can complete this project in an evening.

If you are also going to replace the struts and springs I would consider getting the Monroe Quickstrut assembly.  Below is the best price I have found, and shipping is very reasonable. Monroe 171322 Quick-Strut Complete Strut Assembly


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My 1997 Lifted F150

by Admin June 1st, 2011
Big Blue Lifted F150

My 1997 Lifted F150

My Lifted F150

This is my lifted F150 and the primary reason for creating liftedf150.com.  I purchased it about 6.5 years ago and she was already badly beaten and abused.  Withing a week oil pressure was all over the map and within a few months the old motor blew apart.  Upon further inspection someone had been in the motor before and let’s just say they did the worst job i’ve ever seen.

Needless to say she has been a lot of work to get her in reliable running condition, but has been a good truck and my 1997 F150 mpg is also decent. My 1997 lifted F150 reviews is positive considering she is almost 15 years old now.

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Replace 2002 Ford Explorer Fuel Filter

by Admin May 27th, 2011

How to Change a 2002 – 2005 Ford Explorer Fuel Filter

No this is not a lifted F150, but it is a 4×4 ford! Since all Ford fans are welcome at Lifted F150 I thought this might be helpful.  If you have additional thoughts please become a member and comment below!

While changing the fuel filter on my wife’s 2003 Ford Explorer I realized it was not quite as straight forward as some I had changed in the past.  Because of the location with limited viability and the type of clamps it caused me to scratch my head a couple times.  Since I didn’t find this to be as easy as I expected, I have decided to share some steps for ford explorer fuel filter change.

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