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Lifted F150 website – Here you will find ford 150 pictures, information when you can find Ford F-150 lifted trucks for sale and tech articles on how to repair and modify various aspects of your lifted ford trucks.

We are working to become the best Ford 4×4 community on the Internet. will have some feature to allow member participation while keeping thing more organized than your traditional forum. Instead of trying to wade through countless forum topics with two word answers we are working to provide complete Ford truck repair walk throughs.


-Ability to upload a profile of your lifted ford (or non lifted ford truck) to the site yourself!

-Members can add pictures to our gallery

-Select your own avatar and create a member profile

-Become an author

-Share your opinions on tech articles or submit an article

Ford lifted F150

Lifted F150 Needs You!

That’s right, we need you! We need you to sign up for a free membership and share your opinion. Features and content will be added to the site based on your suggestions. Leave us a comment below to share your vision of what is needed for a ford truck community. If you are interested send email to