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And we are working on the same 1995 Ford F150 again! The truck came stock with two tanks, the one in the rear has always leaked which is common, and the fuel pump went out on the front tank.  We decided to go with replacing the fuel pump in the front tank.  It sounded like an easy enough project and it’d be done in a few hours… yeah not quite.  This truck has some serious Michigan rust and someone decided to take it through the mud the night before :(

Replace F150 Fuel Pump








Items Needed

– Ford Fuel Pump Retainer Wrench

– Fuel Line Disconnect Set

– Set of Metric Sockets

– Set of Metric Wrenches

– Floor Jack

– Sawzall / Reciprocating Saw Kit

– Patience


1995 Ford F150 Fuel Pump Replacement

– The first item to remove is the skid plate under the tank.  This is removed with 4 10mm bolts.  Three of our bolts came out easy enough… the 4th we didn’t have so much luck.  We ended up using a sawzall on the last bolt and won’t be reinstalling the skid plate right now.

-Gas tank staps… so these didn’t really get any easier.  I got the bolts free on each strap, but the bolts are almost 3 inches long and had 20 years of runs all the way down.  I tried a wire brush, pb blast, etc.  I might have been able to get one undone in about two hours.  So I got the nut down far enough that I could cut the bolt with a sawzall on the rear strap.

The front strap had less room to work because of the exhaust.  There was also another hole right next to the bolt so I just cut the front strap.

-unhook the filler next from the tank (this was one of the few easy things)

-unhook the fuel lines.  One line came undone, the other line was seized pretty good.  Again I had to cut this off.

-unhook the wiring harness.  This doesn’t have a traditional snap in wiring harness.

-Remove the tank and then remove the fuel pump lock ring.  You can do this with a hammer and a screwdriver, but i’d get the ford tool.  Nobody carries the lock ring, so if bend it up too bad with a screwdriver you’ll be stopped for a day.

-Remove the pump and install the new one. Depending on if you got a full sending unit or just the pump there might be more steps here.


You’ll notice that I used my sawzall quite a bit for this project.  It was a dirty job and no it wasn’t done quite right.  But the truck is at least back on the road.  Usually i’d use heat on the bolts but since I was working with a gas tank and the rear tank was leaking…. i decided adding fire wasn’t a great idea.  The pump alone was $130, and straps were $20 so I had $150 into the project.  If you are considering taking yours in and the labor isn’t too bad It is certainly a job i’d prefer not to do.  If it wasn’t for the rust and mud it might have been more manageable.

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