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Ford F150 Radius Arm Bushing Replacement

Instructions how to remove ford radius arm bracket and replace it. Remove radius arm bracket that holds the radius arm to the frame and replace the bushing.

The Situation
My brothers 1994 Ford F150 4×4 5.8L had a horrible thump coming from the drivers side floorboard area.  After a visual inspection we found the ford radius arm bushing didn’t hardly exist anymore.  So whenever he hit a bump the radius arm was flopping around in the bracket that connects to the frame.

After a visual check it appeared that the radius arm bracket that holds the radius arm to the frame could be removed and the bushing replaced.  The other option would be to unhook the front of the radius arm so it could be pulled out of the bracket.  Since that involved removing shocks and spring retainers we decided to go with just removing the mount on the frame.

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The biggest obstacle to removing the radius arm mount was that the factory used rivets instead of bolts to attach the mount to the frame.


F150 Radius Arm Bushing

Ford Radius Arm Bushing

How to remove ford radius arm bracket

-Remove the 1 1/8″ nut from the end of the radius arm.  We had applied some pb blast a few times over the last week and were able to remove the nut with a old impact.

-Cut out the 4 factory rivets holding the radius arm mount to the frame.  I used a torch, but they aren’t in the greatest spots.  It would be best to drill them out (it isn’t easy to get a grinding wheel to some of them).  Getting the rivets out took me some time, but I’m sure it was quicker than taking apart the front suspension)

-Once the bracket is removed from the frame simply put the front part of your radius arm bushing on and put the bracket back on.  I used 4 grade 8 7/16″ x 1.5″ bolts.

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Note:  I did put a jack under the radius arm to get it lined up with the mount.  Probably not needed, but it was easier than fighting the arm while trying to get the bracket back on.

-Once the bracket is all tightened down put the rest of your bushing on and tighten down the large nut on the end of the radius arm.

This is the way it is recommended if you have radius arm brackets that are not held in by rivets, and is the easiest way of replacing the ford radius arm bushing.

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